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State to cut GAU disability grants by $80

posted by Cydney Gillis on Thursday, October 21 at 3:20pm

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Holy cow. The Department of Social and Health Services announced yesterday that it’s cutting Disability Lifeline (GAU) grants from $339 to $258 a month on Jan. 1 because of budget cuts—and an Oct. 4 court order to stop cutting people off the program without a proper review to see if they’re eligible for federal SSI disability benefits.

The disabled and destitute who depend on the program—roughly 17,000 people in the state, including a lot of Real Change vendors—couldn’t live on $339 as it was. The announcement is here.


all that means is the malt liqour stores will get $80 less for the purchase of 211,joose,4 lokos , and all the other so called beverages that should have been prohibited before they made it to the 3rd world convenience storess.. but, real change vendors and others need some courage from somewhere…

billy bob | submitted on 10/22/2010, 11:47am

they definitely cant live off the real change shakedown that denies healthcare while charging 35 cents per copy..

kito | submitted on 10/22/2010, 11:53am

People that don’t deserve being on GAU should take the monetary hit- not everyone on GAU. They should be the ones that should go thru more stringent qualifications to see if they are qualified for the GAU program- whether it be physical, mental or situational.

nojob | submitted on 10/27/2010, 10:36am

Yes, thier are some people that take advantage of the GAU program,
and also they are out thier flyin a sign making exta money & not reporting it.and useing the money for drug’s & alcohol.But in the mean time you have honest people that live in transnational housing that depend on it. question? why wont they appy for SSI or SSDA,? Maybe it’s harder to get on. Or like I used to be. Drinking & druging , living homeless , beliveing that thier was no help for me.And yes, everyone has a choice. so maybe they need someone who really care, but is thier really anyone who does.Housing should be mandatory for everyone no matter what. It’s a shame the goverment will let you hang yourself. maybe thats why . is this your answer.

Helen Orme | submitted on 10/28/2010, 10:36pm

maybe some need to care for themself

asdfa | submitted on 11/16/2010, 2:01pm

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