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How would you balance the state budget?

posted by Aaron Burkhalther on Monday, November 28 at 6:49pm

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Think you can do a better job at balancing the state budget than the governor or legislature? The League of Education Voters has an online calculator that helps you visualize the $1.7 billion budget hole and how to fill it. A scale on one side shows apples representing state services tipping the scale to one side. You can either remove the apples by selecting programs to cut or add dollars by approving new revenue sources.
Click here to try it out.
Here’s one scenario you can try out: Skip everything else and click the option close to the bottom of the list titled “Increase tax for high earners.”


Awesome tool! You can balance the entire budget with ONE proposed bill and 0 cuts. All we have to do is tax individuals making 200,000 or more (4 times the national average, 3 times the west coast average) and domestic partners making 400,000 or more.
Would you feel, if you were for any reason earning the national average, that not passing this bill in favor of cuts would be representing you?

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