January 13, 2010
Vol: 17 No: 3


Belltown tenants win relocation money

By Cydney Gillis / Staff Reporter

Hard to live under new management, say longtime residents

Dan Crawford, 67, says he doesn't want to be talked down to by new management at his First Avenue apartment.

Photo by Jane Austin / None

Mike Maloney has befriended a needy neighbor in Belltown's Kasota building.

Photo by Larry Shoeser / Contributing Photographer

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Mike Maloney smokes a cigarette in the yellow lamplight of his 10-by-10-foot room at the Kasota Apartments in downtown Seattle. He rented the place two years ago, he says, and is working on a new writing project that he hopes will someday pay his way back to San Francisco.

For $400, Maloney gets a bed, a two-burner stove and mini-refrigerator and shares toilets and showers down the hall. He has a TV and, on a table by the door, his laptop is open to the pages of the foreclosure tips booklet that he’s putting together and hopes to sell on magazine stands.

Maloney says his situation is cush compared to a neighbor of his. He walks down the hall and knocks on the door of Peter Skadden to invite him down for a tuna sandwich.

Skadden opens the door a crack, his feet shuffling back and forth and his eyes focused on some distant point. He gets his pack of smokes



Hi, I am one of the tenents at the Kasota. Cydney did a helluva bang up job reporting about this place. Everything she reported is 100% correct. I myself cannot thank her enough, but a lot of credit, if not all of it should go to Carley Phelan and Ryan W., both of whom work for "Seattle Solidarity Network". We tenents met with SSN 3-4 times, and they were the ones who were in contact with Sound Mental Health. Other than that, all seems well here at the Kosota. My thanks to all who helped. It's nice to know there are people out there who will help other people in need.

mike kasperski | submitted on 02/04/2010, 7:11am

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