September 1, 2010
Vol: 17 No: 35

Short Takes

Lorig pays $22,000 to stop picketers

By Cydney Gillis / Staff Reporter

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A small band of do-it-yourself protesters called the Seattle Solidarity Network has won a $22,000 settlement from developer Bruce Lorig, proving that sustained picketing gets action, the activists say.

All it proves, says Tom Fitzsimmons, chief operating officer of Lorig Associates, is that harassment pays. The company did nothing wrong, he says, but decided to settle the lawsuit that it filed last year to stop the pickets by Seattle Solidarity and former Lorig employee Patricia Milton because they weren’t good for business.

As part of the settlement, Lorig agreed to pay Milton $22,000 in lost wages related to her claims of discrimination. Milton, an African-American, worked 11 years for Lorig, but left in 2007 after a promotion was taken away and she was returned to a front-desk job



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