November 16, 2011
Vol: 18 No: 44


No more plastic sporks at Occupy Seattle

By Amy Roe / Editor

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They may not be clean, but they’re green. Faced with criticism for alleged violence, drug use, and an insufficient political agenda, organizers of the leaderless movement known as Occupy Seattle are touting the “sustainability” of their Seattle Central Community College encampment.

Residents have banned plastic cutlery and paper plates from the encampment’s meal service as part of a sustainability initiative, the campers said in a statement.

They are also planning to add generators powered by bicycles donated by students from Ballard High School.

“The bikes will be powered by human energy and we have plenty of that here,” said Tabitha, a member of a working group on sustainability.

The power generated by the bikes will be used to charge laptops, cell phones, cameras, and small appliances.

The camp is already composting food waste.



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