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The Board of Directors maintains public trust by ensuring Real Change operates with integrity.  This is achieved through fiscal oversight, mission guidance, program setting & evaluation, and selection of the Founding & Managing Directors responsible for day to day operations.

Danielle Nouné (President) became involved with Real Change in the fall of 2011 as a front desk vendor sales volunteer and transcriber.  Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, she spent nearly a decade in New York City in both the fields of social work and law before moving to Seattle in 2008 as a paralegal. Her degree is in psychology from The University of Michigan; a tool she employs daily in order to better understand the core of individual, organizational and social issues. From a young age Danielle has been ingrained with a passionate sense for social justice and equality among all. She is steadfast in her support and belief in Real Change’s ability to meet folks where they are and effect multi-level change in both Seattle and surrounding areas. Danielle was elected to the board of directors in April of 2012.

Pamela Kliment (Vice President) grew up in New York City and moved to Seattle in 1980, eventually graduating from the University of Washington with degrees in Botany and Landscape Architecture. She has worked for the Seattle Parks Department since 1998. Pam’s work at the Parks Department introduced her to the Homeless Remembrance Project Committee, and relationships developed there led to a greater awareness and concern for the challenges faced by homeless people. In 2009, Pam focused on Nickelsville for a 24-hour photo challenge for Photography Center Northwest. This led to an ongoing commitment to the vision of Nickelsville and to the people who live there.  Never much of a “joiner”, Pam finds herself involved in several communities and was overheard saying in regard to Real Change, “I want to be a part of it!!!” Her local vendors are Terry Cunningham and Tricia Sullivan. Pam joined the Real Change Board of Directors in 2012.

Mark Early was born and raised in West Seattle and lives in North Ballard with his wife Lolly Bates. He began designing computer hardware and writing software in 1979 to control industrial machinery used mostly by aerospace metal forming companies, and continued his work in computer design and software development in the systems engineering department of a defense contractor doing work at Fort Lewis, Washington. “Computers were new,” said Early, “and I was young and enjoyed solving technical problems with a talented team of coworkers.” His interest in affordable housing lead to volunteer work in Seattle with the Downtown Human Services Council involving issues of homelessness and land use. It was thru DHSC that he learned about the important work of The Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project. Mark joined the Board of Directors in 2011 and feels privileged to join the talented team of vendors, staff, volunteers and board of Real Change.

Anitra Freeman was homeless when she was recruited to the Real Change editorial committee by Wes Browning in 1996. With a background in computer programming and in writing workshops, Anitra was soon leading workshops in writing and computer skills for vendors and other homeless adults. Anitra is also among the founders of Nickelsville and is proud to learn recently that what she had proposed be the first and only rule remains, as Rule 12: “Don’t do stupid stuff.” Anitra lives in the International District and enjoys reading, writing, and gardening. She has been on the Board of Directors of the Low Income Housing Institute; is President of the Board of Directors of Seattle Housing and Resource Effort (SHARE); and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Women’s Housing Equality & Enhancement League (WHEEL), a grassroots organizing project of homeless and formerly homeless women. Anitra joined the Real Change Board of Directors in 2009.

Teresa Reeves joined Real Change as a contributing writer and Editorial Committee member in 2009. She became homeless for seven years after moving to Seattle in 2000. She has worked as an advocate, writer, facilitator, and speaker for WHEEL and a member of the WHEEL Executive Committee.  She is also a member of Women in Black and the Homeless Remembrance Project Committee (HRPC), and is a founder of the Cheerios Corner writing group at Antioch’s Women’s Education Program. As a singer, songwriter and musician, she has had more than 80 songs published and she performed a live concert in Downtown Seattle for HRPC on June 11, 2011. She has been an advocate for transsexuals since 2010 and has been a leader in the Gender Identity Empowerment Coalition and the Transsexual & Feminist Liberation group. Teresa was elected to the Board of Directors in January of 2012.

Jim Douglas

Jim Douglas (Secretary) started volunteering at the vendor sales desk and as a book review writer for Real Change in 2012. He grew up in California and has lived in Seattle since the mid-‘70s. He was in the Peace Corps in Somalia and now leads international volunteer trips doing home construction with the Global Village program of Habitat for Humanity, preferably to rural locations in Africa. He recently retired as a lawyer in a small Seattle firm where he represented claimants for social security and SSI disability benefits. Many of his clients were homeless or otherwise living on the lowest rung of society’s ladder. He is honored to have received the State Bar Association’s community service award for 2012. Jim joined the Board of Directors in 2013 and is drawn to Real Change by the quality of the paper, the attention to vendor services, and the effectiveness of Real Change’s advocacy work.

Becky Spithill (Treasurer) was raised in Ellensburg, Washington and has worked primarily in the public sector in a variety of positions ranging from water treatment plant operator to policy analyst. Currently, Becky works as an administrative staff assistant for King County. Becky chose public sector work out of a desire to contribute to her community, but has often been frustrated by the weak connection between the work that she performs day-to-day and life getting better for others. When a recent volunteer position working with developmentally disabled children ended, Becky experienced “what can only be described as separation anxiety from feeling engaged and worthwhile,” and she joined the Real Change Board of Directors in 2013 to continue her calling to community service. She is inspired by her longtime RC vendor, Jay, along with her deep appreciation for the newspaper and the important social justice issues for which Real Change advocates.

Tricia Sullivan graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with degrees in Communications and Journalism and has worked for CBS news, American Airlines, Aetna US Health Care, and Starbucks. After years of working in the Insurance industry she moved to Seattle to open a holistic café. She opened Café Reiki in Ballard, but a lack of operating capital forced her to close. “For the first time in my life I was economically challenged.  I had always been an independent woman and financially stable but after the café closed, I needed immediate income.” Real Change provided a viable solution to generate income while continuing to find work. As a vendor, Tricia quickly became aligned with the Real Change mission and felt deeply inspired to get more involved. Tricia sells Real Change in front of Zeitgeist Coffee in Pioneer Square and was named Vendor of the Year for 2013. She is a member of the Real Change editorial committee and joined the Board of Directors in 2013.

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