Vol: 21 No: 31 July 30, 2014


Livening up the day, bringing music to the streets

By Hart Hornor , Editorial Intern

Each spring, the city hires 25 musicians called buskers to play in Seattle parks. For the performers, it's a sweet gig (Read more...)

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Measure to save city bus service with car-tab fee, sales tax increase headed for November ballot

By Rosette Royale , Assistant Editor

(Read more...)

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Remembering Real Change Vendor David Purnell

Obituary / By Neal Lampi, Real Change Vendor Services Field Organizer (Read more...)

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Public housing's price hike

By Aaron Burkhalter , Staff Reporter

Strapped for cash, public housing authorities raise rents, set time limits (Read more...)

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The nice price

By Aaron Burkhalter , Staff Reporter

Developers are opting out of creating affordable housing. A new study shows Seattle might have to make them pay (Read more...)

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Speaking out on homelessness

Kshama Sawant calls it what it is (Read more...)

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County council approves first round of cuts to Metro bus service

By Aaron Burkhalter , Staff Reporter

(Read more...)

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Arts & Entertainment

Movement of the people

By Tom Watson

Book Review - American Exodus: Climate Change and the Coming Flight for Survival / By Giles Slade (Read more...)

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